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The Retreat at Crabtree Falls

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far are you from Crabtree Falls?
A: We are ½ mile from the Crabtree Falls trailhead. Just take a right onto State Route 56 and it will be on your left.

Q: What time is check-in?
A: Check-in is at 4:00 pm. If you would like to request an early check-in, please call Beth-Anne Driskill at (571) 918-1268 and she will discuss options with you.

Q: What time is check-out?
A: Check-out is at 11:00 am. If you would like to request late check-out, please call Beth-Anne Driskill at (571) 918-1268 and she will discuss options with you.

Q: What do you supply?
A: We supply our guests with most everything they will need for their stay. Guests are provided with bed towels, bath linens, and kitchen towels. The kitchen has all of the amenities you’ll need including pots, pans, dishes, flateware, glassware, coffee makers, coffee filters, coffee, napkins, and paper towels. The bathroom offers small toiletries and toilet paper. We sell firewood on site for $0.50 per stick if you desire to have a campfire. Grills are provided but please bring your own charcoal.

Q: Is there Wi-Fi available?
A: YES! We now offer Wi-Fi in all of our cabins!  

Q: Is there cell phone service?
A: No, there is no cell phone service on the mountain. There are also no landlines in the cabins. In case of emergency, you may use the guest phone. If you’d like to leave someone a number to reach you on in case of emergency, please have them contact Beth-Anne.

Q: When I arrive, how will I know which cabin is which?
A: Each cabin is clearly marked with a sign indicating the name of the cabin. Upon your arrival go to the address provided in the directions and look for the sign indicating the cabin you have reserved.

Q: Do any of your units offer queen beds?
A: Yes. For the sleeping comfort of our taller guests, Richard's Retreat, Tony's Place and Barb's House each offer a queen bed.

Q: Are there telephones in the units?
A: A telephone is available for use by guests in The Priest View Internet Lounge.

Q: Are there snakes?
A: We are in the woods, in the mountains. There is every type of wildlife, including snakes. The venomous variety includes rattlesnakes and copperheads. Caution should be used when walking through the woods especially in high grass and underbrush. Be careful when lifting rocks or logs as snakes hide under them. Make noise when walking through the woods to give snakes a warning that you are coming. They are as afraid of you as you may be of them. If you happen to encounter a snake, give it space and allow it to leave, then proceed. If you are hiking in the backcountry you may want to take a snake bite kit with you. If you are bitten, go immediately to the nearest rescue squad or the clinic in Lovingston for treatment.

Q: Do you get television reception in the mountains?
A: There are smart TVs in all of the cabins and complimentary WiFi in each cabin.

Q: Is firewood available?
A: Yes. There is chopped firewood available in the woodshed for a modest fee of $0.50 per stick. Feel free to pick up any small sticks and branches which are dead and down to use as starter for your fires. Please do NOT cut wood from the trees, it is green and will not burn properly and it will harm the trees.

Q: What is there to do up there in the middle of nowhere?
A: Yikes! What is there not to do? Check out our Things To Do section here on the website. You can do almost anything up here. Sightseeing, antique hunting, shopping, dining out, golfing, fishing, biking, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, riding the Blue Ridge Parkway, you name it! Or you can do nothing at all. Try sitting on a rock in the middle of the Tye River and just contemplating life! Or build a campfire and roast marshmallows or hot dogs. And if the peace and quiet starts to drive you nuts, bring along a good book or some DVDs and watch your favorite movies.

Dog With CollarQ: Can you see the mountains from the porch?
A: Yes, from Tony’s, Jack’s, Annie’s and Richard’s. Tall trees block most of the view of the mountain from Barbs.

Q: Can you see the river from the porch?
A: You can only view the Tye River when there is no foliage on the trees. Although the river is only about 100 yards away, the foliage of the trees blocks the view, but not the sound of the water rushing over the rocks, which can be heard from the porches.

Q: Where is the nearest grocery store?
A: The Food Lion on U.S. Highway 29 in Lovingston is the nearest supermarket. There are some small convenience stores in the area, the closest being about five miles away at Montebello.

Q: Are Pets Allowed?
A: Dogs that are friendly with other dogs are allowed in all of the cabins.  We do NOT allow other pets (cats, birds, reptiles, etc.). Since our furry little four-legged friends leave behind memories of their presence, there is an additional dog fee of $50 per night for them. Please pick up and properly dispose of any waste your pet may leave in the yard!  Please let us know when making your reservation if you plan to bring your dog. If your pet-plans change, we can adjust the reservation and cost accordingly upon arrival.  We do have a German Wirehaired Pointer, Ruger, who lives on site and off leash that is very friendly with dogs and people.  We kindly request that if your dog is not friendly with other dogs you make other arrangements for them. 

If there are damages to the cabins or their furnishings during your stay, the cost of clean-up or repair will be applied to the credit card we have on file.

10% Discount for military and veterans. 
Thank you for your service to our wonderful nation! 

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The Retreat at Crabtree Falls

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